Management Professional Computer Skills Resume

Gary Seip 304 Woodruff Way, Harrisburg, PA  17112 ● (717) 571-9963 ● [email protected] Management Professional Staffing ~ Training & Development ~ Employee Relations ~ Customer Service Records Management ~ Conflict Resolution ~ Quality Control ~ Regulatory Compliance Profile Demonstrated strengths in administrative management, customer service, public relations, project coordination, process improvements, team-building and vendor relations. […]

Risk Management – Owner/Operator Resume

Ryan Fenimore 1280 N. Frontage Road W, Unit P5 | Vail, Colorado 850-322-3986 | [email protected] Risk Management – Owner/Operator Professional Profile Ø  Offering a successful career as an owner/operator of a clothing line, and a long track record of sales, leadership, and customer service in the restaurant industry Ø  Developed a manufacturing patent (No. 9,990,663) […]